Married to My Mod VapeBand™

Married to My Mod VapeBand™

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Married to My Mod VapeBand™

Happy Anniversary PANANAL INC.
VapeBand (powered by PANANAL INC.) is proud to announce Pananal's One Year Anniversary. This past Thursday, January 23, 2014, Pananal celebrated 365 days in business. To kick-off the celebration of this major milestone, we have created the "365 CLUB" VapeBand. These bands come with a black band and silver text and like all our VapeBand's the silicone based paint boasts a partly reflective surface.

Sticking with Pananal's motto of "A Company for Vapers, by Vapers." the "365 CLUB" band is not just about Pananal's One Year Anniversary. The "365 CLUB" band was created for vapers everywhere that have or are approaching the incredible milestone of 365 days off analog's having made the switch to electronic cigarettes.

Now vapers can show off their milestone and celebrate their own One Year Anniversary with a custom made "365 CLUB" band. If your not celebrating your anniversary, GIFT a "365 CLUB" band to a friend in honor of their accomplishment.  VapeBand recommends vapers not yet celebration 365 days to get one of these bands and put it in a safe place while working toward this goal or simply in honor of Pananal's Anniversary.

From all of us here at VapeBand we wish every vaper congratulations on making the switch, even if they have not completely stopped the use of analog’s it's a huge accomplishment. Whether vaping 1+ days or 365+ days, VapeBand would like to wish all vapers a Happy Anniversary and a Happy New Year!

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